WARNING: Your Young Generation is at Risk

Very little attention has been offered to multiple person sex in teenagers.

General Information

Reports in media indicates that some surprising numbers out of a new study that researched over girls and young women using a Boston community health clinic or school health clinic. Out of thirteen, one girls aging from 13 to 20, disclosed that she had engaged in multiple person sex. And more than half among them, said that it was nonconsensual, making these encounters rape.

Alarming Outcome of Study

The pool was small of only 328 girls and women, and only 7.3% said that they and engaged in group sex. Yet half of these women said that they were forced or threatened by their partners to participate. According to Emily Rothman (Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences), about forty five percent answered that one of their male partners had not used a condom. One-third of these young girls also reported that there had been drug use prior to encounter that was also involuntary, telling researchers that they were drugged or “liquored up” by their partner.  The majority of these ladies said that their multi-person sex experience, or rape for some of them who did not consent, was a only one-time experience. However, the average age of their experience with group sex was only fifteen years and six months old, making these encounters illegal considering that Massachusetts age of consent is 16 only.


Pornography was also cited as a point of influence, as girls often mentioned that they were asked to perform acts that their partners had seen in porn, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Researchers have noted that “it is crucial to know how this early experience [of multiple-person sex] shapes their sexual behavior trajectory and affects their lifetime risk for negative sexual, reproductive, and other health risk behaviors.”

Addressing the Issue of multiple person sex  and responsibilities of major stake holders.

The study concludes that although there has been considerable research on multiple-person sex and HIV risks, as well as other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, very little attention has been offered to multiple-person sex in teenagers.

Rothman urges parents and doctors to acknowledge that group sex is occurring between teens, which needs to be addressed for the sake of their health and safety.

Rothman further said that “Group sex among youth is an important public health topic that has received very little attention to date. It’s time for parents, pediatricians, federal agencies, and community-based organizations to sit up, pay attention, and take notice: group sex is happening, and we need to be prepared to address this alarming issue.”

To Conclude

The most important and concerning point is that these young girls, or perhaps the researchers, are not addressing these “nonconsensual multiple-person sex encounters” as rape. Teens not only need an accurate understanding of HIV risks associated with multiple-person sex, they also need to understand the implications, legal and otherwise, of coercing and threatening their sex partners. Peer pressure over drugs and smoking among teens is one thing, but forcing sex acts on “liquored up” girls is a much bigger offense.


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