The effect of Smoked cannabis will last up to 2-3 hours

Background Information 

Basically there are multiple factors to take into consideration when determining how long your high will last. There is no rocket science or a magical number with reference to alcohol consumption. If .08% alcohol is found in your blood, will legally means that you are legally intoxicated in most areas, across the world. It’s a little more complicated concerning your blood THC level. Canada, where recreational use of cannabis is now legal, still has no idea how to properly determine if you’re under the influence or not. Law enforcement might think they have some form of an idea of how to do so, but there still no solid proof to back it. The best answer about the question, whether or not it is safe for you to drive is to simply avoid the question at all. Having a proper and aware driver is always your best & safest choice when consuming cannabis.

Consumption Method

The knowledge to know ahead of time how you plan on consuming your cannabis is important. It is known that when smoking cannabis, it could take anywhere from a couple of minutes up to fifteen before you feel the effects, whereas with edibles it could anywhere between 1 – 2 hours before you digest it and feel the effect, which could last up to 6-8 hours. Apparently, suppositories are the most effect way to consume cannabis & gives you the most instant effect. Many also argue that using vaporizers gets you the most high. So, knowing ahead of time how you will be consuming cannabis could help you plan ahead.

Strain Quality

We know that we get different effects when smoking an Indica or a Sativa. We know that the THC level can vary from 1% – 90% (there’s dabs on the market that contain over 90% thc). Knowing what strain you’re about to smoke and its potency is important. Knowing what strain you’re smoking when dealing with the blackmarket can be tough, and this is why we’re a huge advocate for decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis so consumers can have better information on what they are receiving.

Your Tolerance Level

Although cannabis is legal across Canada, you will see a surge in new cannabis users who want to try cannabis for the first time, or they want to start again because it’s no longer a crime to consume it. Here it is important to mention that  those who are just starting off with cannabis, they are advised not to try to keep up with your friend who has been smoking for 10 years. Always ask yourselves this important question that would you be able to drive if you were extremely tired?  Your answer will be surely NO. Do not do anything if you feel like you can’t handle it, and that is why knowing yourself and how your body handles cannabis is important. Everybody is different, some have a bigger tolerance, some people feel anxiety off one joint, and some are as relaxed as can be.

Yours Secondary effects

It is a known fact that when you smoke cannabis the effects will last up to 2-3 hours. We know that your top peak high generally happens at around 30 mins followed by a quick decrease in your high. With edibles, we know it takes 1-2 hours before it kicks in and 6 – 8 hours before you completely digest it. We need to be aware of what strain we are about to take into our body, and knowing yourself and how you react will go a long way as well. Being aware of all this might help you come to the right decision of whether you’re high or not. You’re also going to have to be aware to the secondary effects as well, which could range from a multitude of effects such as being tired, having munchies, and low motor skills. I’m hoping with legalization, more research will be done and be able to give us more definite answers. Until then, be safe!

Reference: http://www.thegreendaily.org

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