Understanding the causes cancer facilitate your approach to curing it


It is human tendency to ignore minor health related issues. In most cases people resort to self-medication without realizing the serious consequences. In order to avoid any health related issue it is very important to consider any pain, aches, body changes or health related problems very seriously even if it is negligible. In simple word nothing should negligible in health related issues. Here are ten common ailments or symptoms that can be a warning signs for start of cancer.

Difficulty in Swallowing

The construction of throat is directly related to your immune and nervous systems issue. This can be an indication of stomach, throat or esophagus cancer.

Variation in Bladder Activity

If you feel any pain in urinal organ / urinal track while peeing or observation of any blood spots in your urine is a warning signal to carry out detail checkup to ensure that it is not because of kidney, prostate or bladder cancer.


At time we ignore bleeding. In case you find following sort of bleedings, it is mandatory for you to consult your doctor. The type undermentioned bleeding should be taken very seriously:

  • Bleeding while coughing
  • bleeding in urine
  • bleeding in between periods
  • bleed from your back passage
  • Bleeding from body moles

Unexplained Weight Loss

If you lose a lot of weight without change in your daily routine. This unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more could be a sign of cancer. This is a sign common with patients who have stomach, pancreatic, esophageal or lung cancers.

Long Lasting Sore Throat

If you have a persistent and continuous sore throat, this indicate something very serious. Under such type of situation it is advisable to consult your doctor for severe issues like throat or laryngeal cancer.

Change in Bowel Habits

Change in bowel movement is normal phenomena, but if you experience any changes in your bowel movement such as the size, timing and amount due to medicines or foods you’re taking, than it is fine. But if you notice change in bowel movement consistently or regularly over a period of time than you must consult your doctor.

Unexplained Pain

Pain in human body is a signal that something is wrong somewhere in your body. If such pain are persistent for longer time than it should be considered as ovarian, bone cancer or just nothing. According to American Cancer Society any pain in human body due to cancer means that cancer has spread in your body. This is a good time to consult with doctor.

Cough & Hoarseness

Any continuous cough for three or more weeks demand immediate consultation with doctor. In addition to cough, chest pain and shortness of breath may be a sign of a severe or acute situation like pneumonia.

Lump or Bumps

If you find any lump or bump which is growing at any part of your body or increase in size of moles on body should be considered very seriously. Under such situation it is necessary to go to your doctor for checking. Your doctor will refer you to a specialist for further test to ensure that you are not attached by cancer.

Change in Skin Moles

As mentioned above, most people ignore the change in shape and size of moles on body or at time it appears like warts or freckles. This situation warrant for undergo medical checkup as it can be an early sing of skin cancer treatable if diagnosed in initial stages.

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