Seven Good Reasons Explaining, Why Women With Anxiety Are Considered More Stronger Than You Think

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Generally there’are certain stigmas attached to people with anxiety. They are often as individuals who are not able to face reality the way it comes, especially since anxiety makes a person expect the many different ways in which reality at time go wrong. This trait is heightened in women since they are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety disorder than men, according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Women have to power through a lot of crippling anxiety on a daily basis, and most of the people don’t see the hard work they put in their days. What many fail to realize is that this can actually make you resilient in more ways than one. Strong women forge their happiness and care for others regardless of what they are going through. And here are seven ways that highlight this:

1. They sense emotions with greater depth.

People with anxiety are said to be highly aware of their emotions. This can also make them more likely to sense the emotions of others, and this is despite the internal conflicts that they may be dealing with. Those with anxiety feel almost everything with greater intensity, and if they’ve managed to find a way to power through it, they can serve as an amazing support system when their loved ones are in trouble. They’ll manage to find ways to help you despite their own anxiety.

2. They refuse to give up

Every day is a battle for people who suffer from anxiety. Even though going through intrusive thoughts of worry can get lonely sometimes, they don’t give up. And strong women are constantly trying to be their best, despite the crippling thoughts that they go through. Despite the odds, they do not give up and continue to push past their difficulties. They have to keep finding ways to calm themselves down and move on.

3. They think (a lot) before they act

Women with anxiety keep planning for things and thinking of what all they are going to face in the future. The many different possibilities and outcomes of a decision are constantly running in their minds. They tend to make sure that every potential step is thought through carefully and are ready for almost any problem that may arise. That not only needs patience but also the power to process a lot of perspectives in a short time. No denying this needs some real strength of mind and will.

4. They deal with people who don’t believe them

A lot of the times, people fail to understand what anxious women go through and they keep telling them to “calm down”, or something often worse, “it’s just in your head”. A lot of the people don’t understand that nobody really enjoys over analyzing small things and being worried about stuff all the time. But the anxiety of things not going as planned or going detrimentally wrong is real and dealing with people who are unable to understand this can teach you a lot. Strong women who have learned to combat the skeptics despite the internal battle they’re faced with.

5. They never fail to care

Despite being burdened with heavy thoughts of worry and potential danger, they don’t fail to look after those that they care about. They would go above and beyond their call of duty to be there for them, braving the odds where they are constantly thinking about what would happen if they fail. It’s so easy to be selfish with anxiety, but more often than not, they are selfless. A strong woman will ensure that those they care about the most are as far from jeopardy as much as possible.

6. They can be a lot more forgiving than the rest

It’s not like they are occupied with themselves all the time, though people around them might sometimes feel that and treat them like a problem. Despite the friction that others feel towards them, they are open-minded enough to not feel let down too much. Even when they are judged for something they have no control over, they try to forgive people as not everyone can understand them, and they know it. More importantly, they would do that also because they know what it feels like to be misunderstood.

7. They make an actual effort

Relationships are difficult and tricky, and navigating them without letting your anxiety ruin them is one of their biggest strengths. Though their fears can get darker, a strong woman will make an effort to not let it affect their ability to make their relationships work. They try to always keep their relationships together, no matter how bad their anxiety gets. 

SOURCE: https://daily.lessonslearnedinlife.com

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