Brexit will be responsible for 12,400 deaths due to heart attacks and strokes.


A researchers from Imperial College London  claimed that Brexit will be responsible for 12,400 deaths due to heart attacks and strokes. The claims made by researchers, state that present trading arrangements in the United Kingdom is likely to raise the prices of fruits & vegetables that are imported and this may prompt unhealthier eating and lead to heart disease and risk of deaths due to heart attacks and stroke.

Prices Hike

The team draws conclusions from the data that come from World Trade Organization and HM Revenue and Customs. The economists however do not agree with these conclusions and saying that prices of fruits and vegetables are likely to fall after Brexit. 

This debate came to the forefront after a combined petition from supermarket and restaurant chains (including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Lidl, The Co-op, Costcutter, McDonald’s, KFC and Pret A Manger) to the MPs saying that there is a risk of food supply disruptions after a “no-deal” Brexit. The research on the risks of heart disease after Brexit were published in the latest issue of the journal  BMJ Open. The study also included researchers from Liverpool University.

The researchers write that at present 84 percent of the fruits and 43 percent of vegetables consumed in UK is imported. This means that in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit this would be affected. “The UK is highly dependent on imports, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables. These have a strong protective effect on health,” said author Paraskevi Seferidi, a PhD researcher at Imperial. “Our paper illustrates, for the first time, the potential negative impacts of Brexit on fruit and veg prices, intake, heart disease and stroke,” Seferidi said.



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