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After Trump Drops Order On Mexico – Their President Sends Back Strong Response

Donald told Mexico to get in line – but he never expected this kind of reply from their president.

For years, we’ve watched as millions of Mexicans crossed our border.

Democrats want them to stay. Only Trump asked why doesn’t Mexico do anything to prevent them from leaving?

Finally, it seems like the new Mexican president is actually doing something.

From Fox News:

In a bid to reduce migration to the U.S. and attract investment, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has proposed the creation of economic “free zones” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Tax Incentive Decree for the Northern Border Region, which Lopez Obrador announced Saturday, would create a free zone that would stretch from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Coast…

Inside the zone, income taxes would be reduced by a third and Value Added Taxes on imported goods would be slashed in half, the minimum wage would increase 100 percent, and fuel prices would equal U.S. prices, the report said.

It looks like Mexico is taking Trump more seriously than this own Congress.

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President Trump vowed to take serious action if Mexico did nothing to stem the tide of caravans flowing into America.

Honduras and other nations ignored Trump. They will be sorry when they ask us for money!

It seems like the Mexican president is much smarter. With the new trade deal in place, he can’t afford to lose out.

These “free zones,” might encourage businesses to invest in the country. They might become places were jobs flourish.

That is, if the Mexican government can keep the drug cartels and criminals out! What good are low taxes, when the cartels run numerous cities and communities?

But this looks like a first step in transforming the nation of Mexico. Perhaps more jobs will come, reducing the urgent need for migrants to rush the border.

Then, the cold grip of the drug cartels will weaken, reducing border jumpers even more.

Mexico certainly needs to follow through, though. Making these free zones isn’t enough.

They need to enforce their laws, crack down on corruption, and guard the border on their side.

We’ll see how things shape up in the coming months and years.

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